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Forum Rules!

Postby -=Kamran Saleem=- » June 2nd, 2008, 12:31 pm

NOTICE: The staff of this forum take no responsibility or liability for anything that happens as a result of reading and/or downloading anything from this forum, no files are stored on the server.


# 1.01: Everyone should have something to contribute.
# 1.02: Recognize and respect everyone as a unique individual.
# 1.03: Treat others the way you want to be treated.


# 2.01: The only language spoken/written on this forum is ENGLISH.
# 2.02: Post in the correct forums.
# 2.03: Racist talk or ideas are not allowed.
# 2.04: Don't use CAPS in Your post, it could look offensive.
# 2.05: Respect decisions of the staff, as they are usually final.
# 2.06: If you have a problem with another member of this community, use the Personal Message ( PM ) button to tell a staff member
( Super Moderator or Moderators or A d m i n i s t r a t o r s ) about the situation and we will try to solve it.
# 2.07: Each forum member may have only one account.
# 2.08: No **** or nudity allowed. (Except in the VIP section)


# 3.01: Images placed in the signature or avatar cannot be offensive in any way.
# 3.02: No Danasoft signatures allowed!
# 3.03: Only one image is allowed in each member's signature.
# 3.04: Advertising warez-related forums in the signature is strongly prohibited (this will resolve in the signature deletion and a warning!)
# 3.05: Signatures must be in English only!
# 3.06: If a member uses a signature, a reply or open a post with a link to a file without anything real contained, with only the purpose to collect Rapidshare points, that member will be banned!


# 4.01: Do not post hacking utilities, flooders, email harvesters/spam tools, virus development tools/tutorials, etc!
# 4.02: Information is crucial, so always add it to your post ( screenshots, if available, as well).
# 4.03: Always add a VALID link and a fix ( if one exists )
# 4.04: Check fix-links (viruses, worms, Trojans and browser hijackers) before posting.
# 4.05: Do not post TRIAL versions as they are easy to find, Freeware versions are welcomed.
# 4.06: If You want to add a reply to your topic, please use the EDIT button instead of making double posts.
# 4.07: Do not flood our board.
# 4.08: Use of PROTECTED MESSAGE is not allowed, unless we tell you.
# 4.09: Do not bump old threads just to say the links are dead or to ask for a re-upload. Use the REPORT button for dead links or use the appropriate request section for requests.
# 4.10: Do not post pando and hotlinks (url).
# 4.11: Do not post links to any blogs, forums or instant-email sites.
# 4.12: Do not attempt to bypass the word censor. It can result in a warning or ban.
# 4.13: All passwords are to be given in plain unformatted text (no rar/text files and no colors / bold / underline etc.)
# 4.14: Keylogger are not allowed!!!
# 4.15:Do Not post redirected/protected links.


# 5.01: Take your time to use the SEARCH button to see whether a similar request has already been made.
# 5.02: Request should be made in the appropriate request section!
# 5.03: Do not request hacking utilities, flooders, keyloggers, email harvesters/spam tools, virus development tools/tutorials, etc!
# 5.04: Do not ask for Credit Card numbers, IP addresses, usernames, passwords, fake IDs, etc.!
# 5.05: Do not request ****/other offensive content.
# 5.06: Be precise when requesting: write EXACTLY what you are searching for.
# 5.07: Do not bump a request if nobody replied to your question. You have to wait at least 3 days until you bump your request.
# 5.08: When a request is fulfilled, please take your time to add [Solved] tags or PM a moderator to close the topic.
# 5.09: Do say "Thank You" to those who helped you!


A maximum of three warnings can be given to a member of this forum.
These can be earned by breaking any of the forum rules.

On the 3rd warning, your account will be banned automatically. This does not mean that you have to have a warning to get banned, moderators may ban you without warnings depending on the offense.

If you get banned, (depending on the reason, we may let you back after some time. In other words, we decide if you can come back. ;)

If you redeem yourself, you will lose your warnings through time.

Ways to get a WARNING or a BAN:
• Arguing with any staff member.
• Reposts ( one mistake can happen, if it happens often you will receive an official warning )
• Double-posts ( for not using the EDIT button a warning will be given )
• Posting **** content and snuff sites (if found posted, a warning or ban will be given)(also by PM)
• Excessive swearing (if you get caught, a warning will be given)
• Requesting hacking/cracking/phreaking/flooding/spamming utilities.
• Requesting ****/other offensive content (also by PM).
• Advertising other warez sites which aren't affiliate with TSBay (if advertised "too much" a warning or ban will be given)
• Advertising other forums (if advertised "too much" a warning or ban will be given).
• Advertising warez-related forums (automatic ban!)
• Spamming; including PM-Spam (automatic ban!).
• Flame wars (both people involved will receive a warning).
• Racist talk or ideas (automatic ban!)
• Going off topic can get you warned; at moderators discretion


Asking any staff member if you can be apart of the staff will hinder your chance of ever becoming one. The same applies for VIP as well.

We appreciate the time You took to read these RULES. Enjoy Your stay here and please DO OBEY THEM!
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Re: Forum Rules!

Postby ashree » June 18th, 2008, 6:28 pm

Good evening to all of you......................
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Re: Forum Rules!

Postby -=Kamran Saleem=- » June 23rd, 2008, 5:10 pm

Please Post in correct section...
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